Signing policy

  1. The default level, I do not sign at this level.
    I presume signatures at this level are from people who aren't crazy, and simply use defaults. This is a stance I do not share, but deeply respect.
  2. For legalspace and other non-meatspace personas.
    For pseudonyms.
  3. Identity verification through a trusted channel (phone, bank, …).
    Non contactable identities (see below)
  4. Personal verification of at least one government issued ID and exchange of key fingerprint in paper form.



Within two weeks of receiving your key and verifying your identity (at level 2 or 3) I shall send your key signed by me, encrypted with the public key you have given me to every identity listed at the time of reception.

Level 1 signatures will be directly uploaded to the keypool (unless directed otherwise)


Signed picture uid will be sent to the address in the first valid uid.

Non contactable identities

Non contactable or difficult to contact identities (such as keybase, IM addresses, … — basically anything non e-mail) will be relegated to a level 2 certification.


I make it a point to not sign pseudonyms I can associate with a physical identity.